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All The Things to Do at the Golden Driller Statue in Tulsa, OK

The Golden Driller Statue in Tulsa, OK, is an iconic landmark that represents the city’s rich history in the oil industry. Standing at 75 feet tall, this impressive statue is one of the tallest in the United States and a must-see attraction for visitors to Tulsa. Here’s a guide to all the fun and interesting things you can do at the Golden Driller Statue, ensuring you make the most of your visit.

Learn About Tulsa’s Oil Heritage

The Golden Driller Statue was erected as a tribute to the oil workers who played a crucial role in Tulsa’s development during the oil boom. Begin your visit by learning about Tulsa’s oil heritage. The base of the statue includes a plaque that provides historical information about the oil industry in Tulsa. This educational experience helps visitors understand the significance of the statue and the city’s history.

Capture Memorable Photos

One of the most popular activities at the Golden Driller Statue is taking photos. The statue’s massive size and striking appearance make it an ideal backdrop for memorable pictures. Whether you’re taking a selfie or a group photo, the Golden Driller is sure to add a unique element to your snapshots. Be sure to capture the full height of the statue to appreciate its grandeur.

Explore the Tulsa Expo Square

The Golden Driller Statue is located at the Tulsa Expo Square, a bustling area that hosts various events and attractions throughout the year. After visiting the statue, take some time to explore the surrounding Expo Square. You might catch a local fair, trade show, or other special events happening in the area. This adds another layer of excitement to your visit.

Visit Nearby Attractions

Tulsa Expo Square is home to several nearby attractions that are worth exploring. The Tulsa State Fair is held here annually and offers a wide range of activities, including rides, games, and food stalls. Another nearby attraction is the Central Park Hall, which often hosts concerts, exhibitions, and other events. These additional attractions make the area around the Golden Driller Statue a great place to spend an entire day.

Enjoy a Picnic

If you’re looking to relax and enjoy the outdoors, consider having a picnic near the Golden Driller Statue. The spacious area around the statue provides ample room for spreading out a blanket and enjoying a meal with family or friends. This is a perfect way to take in the sights and sounds of the Expo Square while enjoying some downtime.

Participate in Local Events

The Golden Driller Statue often serves as a focal point for local events and gatherings. From car shows to charity runs, there are various events that take place around the statue throughout the year. Participating in these events can be a fun way to engage with the local community and experience Tulsa’s vibrant culture.

The Golden Driller Statue in Tulsa, OK, offers a unique and enriching experience for visitors. From learning about Tulsa’s oil heritage and capturing memorable photos to exploring nearby attractions and enjoying a picnic, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Plan your visit to the Golden Driller Statue and discover why it’s one of Tulsa’s most iconic landmarks.

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